Production Times: | Vinyl/Coroplast: 8-10 days | Flags/Fabric: 10-12 days

Vinyl / Mesh Prints / Banners

Stand out with our marching band and color guard banners and printed products for schools and teams. Impress your audience with marching band products displaying beautiful, vibrant colors. Get your team noticed by ordering our high-quality printed products.


We offer 9 oz*, 13 oz and 18 oz vinyls, with 2-sided print capabilities on 13 oz & 18 oz.  Standard weight for prop prints is 9 oz.  Standard weight for tarp prints is 13 oz.

*9 oz vinyl has a tendency to slightly shrink during heat-welding.  Finished product size may not be exact.


Our vinyl panel width is 126”.  We can print up to 125” per panel.  Anything above 125” will include heat-welded panels.


Options for attaching prints to frame:

  • 1″ heat-weld hem on all sides. Attachable with Velcro*
  • 1″ heat-weld hem on all sides with grommets approx. every 2′
  • Add 6″ bleed on all sides to wrap around, staple/tape to frame. Specify if you want non-printed, printed black border or the image extended into bleed.  Raw, straight-cut edges.

*we sell 1″ x 75′ rolls of black hook/loop velcro for $60.

Our vinyl prints are rolled for shipping within carrier dimension guidelines.  This helps avoid creases in your prints.

Mesh products are available upon request.


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One FREE high-resolution image per order. One additional FREE high-resolution image for every $500 spent (based on production costs). Additional images $15 each.