Production Times: | Vinyl/Coroplast: 10-12 days | Flags/Fabric: 8-10 days

Mallet Cart


I remember the day when the only electronics on the field were the scoreboard and the band director’s bull horn.

Check out our electronic mallet cart!  These were developed for a fantastic program in Goose Creek ISD (Texas) that goes way beyond field performance and into the classroom for a comprehensive music ed experience based on improv and the music the kids are listening to today!

Each cart includes mallet holders, a headphone hook, and a laptop table.  The carts are height adjustable and feature a carpeted open deck.  The cable connections on the back of the instrument are protected by a 1 1/2″ square accessory rail.  The bottom deck is open across the front but has a stop on the back and sides to keep things from sliding off.

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