Production Times: | Vinyl/Coroplast: 10-12 days | Flags/Fabric: 8-10 days

Feature Flags (Parade/Promo)

These durably knit Feather Flags are strong enough to last through multiple competitive seasons. Their colors stay vibrant even when used outdoors.

With our many customization options, we are able to craft flags that fit your unique vision.

Choose between 3 shapes (Stand Out/Convex/Bow) and three sizes (S/M/L).

They can be read-right one side (one layer), or read-right both sides (two layers).

Kits can include the following:

  • Flag (read-right one or two sides)
  • Pole
  • X-base
  • Ground Stake
  • H2O bag
  • Carry bag
  • Shoulder harness for parades (black or white)

For all your feature flag needs, request a quote today.


Taping Tabs
These are available upon request at $3 per flag. All standard-size lamé flags come with taping tabs.
Minimum Order
Minimum Shipping


One FREE high-resolution image per order. One additional FREE high-resolution image for every $500 spent (based on production costs). Additional images $15 each.


View FLASH Flag Specifications.